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Smoke-Free Child Care Facilities

Invest in the children you care for by becoming 100%

Environmental tobacco smoke dangerously effects anyone who is near those smoking tobacco products.  Secondhand smoke contains thousands of chemicals, many of which have been found to cause cancer and is especially dangerous to infants and children whose organs are not fully developed.  Thirdhand smoke is the tobacco smoke residue that remains after a tobacco product has been put out.  The good news is children can easily be protected from both secondhand and thirdhand smoke by creating a 100% smoke-free environment.

To fully protect your family and the children in your care

  • Do not allow smoking inside of your home or in your childcare facility at any time.
  • Do not allow smoking within 20 feet of your home or anywhere that children may play and consider making the entire property smoke-free. Require that staff, parents and visitors all comply with this policy at all times.
  • If a childcare provider does smoke, require that they protect their hair and clothes with additional garments (hats & coats) when smoking. These garments should be removed before coming into the childcare area and hands must be washed thoroughly.
  • Do not allow people to smoke near anything that can burn such as bark mulch or planters.
  • If you do allow smoking on the property, ensure that smoking materials are safely disposed in non-combustible containers filled with water or sand that are out of children’s reach.


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