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Smoke-Free Lodging

Smoke-free travel, including transportation and lodging, is popular and becoming more common each year. Preferences for smoke-free environments continues to increase, and even people who smoke are more likely to choose 100% smoke-free accommodations*. According to the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation there is a growing movement throughout the US toward adopting smoke-free hotel polices in large chains, small independently owned and operated facilities and bed & breakfasts. In addition to guest preference for smoke-free environments, adopting a 100% smoke-free policy can help save your business money on cleaning and renovation costs.



To be connected to your local District Tobacco Prevention Partner for no cost technical assistance or to request a copy of the policy template as a word document please email us at BreatheEasy@mainehealth.org.


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*Source: ‘Nobody wants a smoking room’ at hotels — not even smokers (USA Today. February 13, 2017.)