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Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Policies

100% smoke and tobacco-free policies protect everyone from the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke and promotes healthy social norms around tobacco use.

What areas are required to be smoke-free in Maine?
Under Maine law, indoor workplaces, restaurants, bars, outdoor dining areas, state parks, beaches and historical sites, common areas of multi-unit housing complexes and other indoor public places are required to be smoke-free.  As of October 2015, Maine law  also prohibits the use of electronic smoking devices (such as electronic cigarettes and vaporizers) in all indoor public places.

What areas in Maine are voluntarily tobacco-free?
Smoke-free and tobacco-free environments are becoming the norm rather than the exception in Maine.

  • More than 95% of Maine hospitals have adopted 100% tobacco-free campuses.
  • 82% of colleges and universities in Maine have adopted smoke and tobacco-free campus policies.
  • 100% of Maine Public Housing Authorities have voluntarily gone smoke-free.
  • 65% of private landlords/property managers have smoke-free properties.

Are people upset by tobacco-free policies?
The vast majority of Maine residents believe that people should be protected from secondhand smoke exposure. Creating a smoke-free policy is a positive way to demonstrate your commitment to the health of those in your community.

Where can I get more information about smoke-free policies?
Visit the policy template section under the Resources page of our website.

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