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A tobacco-free workplace policies benefits health and business by protecting worker health, supporting employees who are trying to quit, reducing maintenance and insurance costs, and preventing employees from becoming new tobacco users.

Maine’s Workplace Smoking Act of 1985, was enacted to protect the employer and employees from the detrimental effects of smoking by others. Maine’s Workplace Smoking Act applies to all enclosed business facilities or portions thereof, including vehicles used in the course of work and outdoor areas where employees perform services under the control of the employer.

By law, every employer in Maine:

  • Shall establish a written policy that prohibits smoking throughout the business facility, rest rooms, meeting rooms and private offices.
  • Shall post and supervise policy implementation.
  • May only permit employer and employees to smoke outside in a designated smoking area, which must be at least 20 feet away from the business facility.

Maine workplaces can adopt policies that exceed state law including addressing all tobacco products and making the property 100% tobacco-free.

  • Smoke and tobacco-free policies reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and support a healthier workforce.
  • Smoking causes more than $600 million in productivity losses in Maine each year.
  • Going tobacco-free supports your employees that are trying to quit.
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