Policy Implementation

A model smoke-free lodging policy prohibits all smoking of any substance, including the use of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers in all guest rooms, suites, balconies, and decks. As well as all indoor common areas including but not limited to lobbies, hallways, restaurants, laundry rooms, outdoor eating areas or picnic areas, pools, etc. Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of any door, window, vent, A/C unit, entryway, etc. As with Maine State law, the policy also prohibits smoking in all establishment-owned or leased vehicles used by employees, guests, or visitors at all times. The smoke-free policy applies to all guests, their visitors and employees, including organizers of, and attendees at, public events, including but not limited to, conferences, meetings, lectures, social events and/or cultural events using establishment-owned, leased and affiliated buildings or rooms.

Resources to support policy implementation: