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Tobacco-Free Behavioral Health

Addressing Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoke in Behavioral Health Organizations



  • Tobacco use remains the leading cause of death and disease in this country with over 443,000 deaths per year.
    • Almost half of those from smokers with mental illness.
  • The behavioral health population consumes almost 45% of all cigarettes consumed in the United States.
  • Adults with mental illness and substance abuse disorders want to quit using tobacco.

Developing best practice tobacco-free policies and providing screening and treatment for tobacco use will support consumers in making quit attempts as well as protect all members of the organization from the dangers of secondhand and thirdhand smoke.

Evidence-based strategies to address tobacco use & exposure to tobacco smoke

  • Implement and enforce 100% tobacco-free campus policy.
  • Screen all consumers for tobacco use and interest in quitting.
  • Refer tobacco users interested in quitting to evidenced-based tobacco treatment.


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MTFBHN worked in collaboration with Maine’s Community Transformation Grant Behavioral Health and Tobacco Work Group, the Maine Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine to developed these resources to support behavioral health organizations to address tobacco through the adoption of comprehensive tobacco-free policies.