Standards are reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure that Breathe Easy is encouraging healthcare organizations to meet emerging best practice standards for tobacco-free policies and supporting tobacco-free lifestyles.

Healthcare Standards:

  1. Tobacco-Free Policy. The organization has a written, 100% tobacco-free campus policy that prohibits the smoking and use of all tobacco products, including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes. Smoking and tobacco product use by employees, providers, patients, clients, students, visitors, and/or contractors is prohibited at all times on the property, including in parking lots, in all organization owned or leased vehicles, and at satellite offices or buildings.
  2. Policy Communication and Enforcement. The organization has written policies and procedures that detail how the tobacco policy (whether 100% tobacco-free or not) is enforced and employee expectations. The policy defines staff or departments responsible for policy enforcement.
  3. Tobacco Advertising. Advertisement and promotion of tobacco products is prohibited on the organization’s campus and satellite facilities. This includes publications and magazines subscribed to by the organization for placement in waiting areas.
  4. Tobacco Dependence and Treatment Education. Information about tobacco dependence, secondhand smoke, thirdhand smoke, and local/state tobacco treatment resources are readily available for patients, clients, employees, students, and visitors. For example, educational brochures or posters are displaced in the lobby, waiting areas and/or treatment rooms.
  5. Evidence-Based Tobacco Treatment Training for Employees. The organization supports evidence-based tobacco treatment training for staff by offering in-services on tobacco treatment, supporting staff financially to attend trainings, and/or providing access to literature and resources on-site for staff. Trained staff are available to provide treatment counseling to tobacco dependent patients or clients.
  6. Screening for Patients & Clients for Tobacco Use and Dependence*. All patients and clients are screened for tobacco use at each visit. Tobacco use status for individuals are documented.
  7. Evidence-Based Tobacco Treatment Incorporated for Patients and Clients*. Individuals identified as being tobacco dependence are offered evidence-based tobacco treatment services as a component of their treatment plant. This can include tobacco treatment counseling, clinical assessment and management for nicotine withdrawal, and/or offering FDA approved tobacco treatment medications.
  8. Referrals to Evidence-Based Tobacco Treatment for Patients and Clients Interested in Quitting*. Individuals identified as being tobacco dependent and interested in quitting are referred to evidence-based tobacco treatment, such as the Maine QuitLink or My Life, My Quit (teens).
  9. Tobacco Treatment Benefits for Employees. Tobacco treatment services are a covered benefit in the organization’s health insurance package for employees and their dependents.
  10. Tobacco Funding and Donations. The organization has a written policy stating that it refuses all donations from the tobacco industry and divests itself of all tobacco company stock.

*MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence recognizes that comprehensive tobacco treatment includes screening, referral, and treatment (i.e. counseling, clinical assessment and management for nicotine withdrawal and/or offering FDA-approved tobacco treatment medications). Standards 6-8 require that applicants identify the discrete components that is part of their practice/organization.

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