Gold Star Standards

Breathe Easy conducts the Gold Star Standards of Excellence recognition program annually to encourage and support Maine’s healthcare organizations that are addressing smoking and tobacco use by creating and maintaining smoke and tobacco-free policies. As leaders in wellness, Maine healthcare organizations seek to optimize the health of patients and the surrounding community. Healthcare organizations provide key community support and are exemplary role models of health care excellence. Tobacco-free campus policies are examples of this commitment that benefits patients, employees, and the entire community.

Be recognized for addressing tobacco use and exposure at your healthcare organization!

2020 Program Dates:

  • Applications will be released on September 30th
  • Applications due on October 16th
  • Awardees will be notified of award levels the week of November 2nd.  Broad promotion of awardees will occur during the week of the Great American Smokeout (November 19th)
  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be an in-person awards celebration.

Program Information for Healthcare Organizations:

Welcome Healthcare Organizations, the Gold Star Standards of Excellence Program has expanded to include non-hospital healthcare organizations this year.  We hope you will apply and accept recognition for the great work being done to address tobacco use and exposure.