Get the Facts!

The most important step a hospital can take to protect visitors, patients and staff from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and tobacco is to pass a 100% smoke and tobacco-free policy for the hospital campus.
  • Tobacco-free campus policies provide a healthier environment and show the hospital’s commitment to health as they benefit patients, employees, visitors and the entire community.
  • The establishment of a tobacco-free policy does not require anyone to stop using tobacco products but may support those interested in quitting in remaining tobacco-free.
  • In addition to promoting the hospital’s health mission, they also aid in community, employee and patient tobacco cessation efforts, lower maintenance costs and increase worker productivity.

As of November 2017, more than 95% of Maine Hospitals have adopted smoke and tobacco-free campus policies.  Nationally, more than 4,000 hospitals, health care systems and clinics have adopted smoke-free policies, visit the American’s for Nonsmokers Rights for a full list.

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